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Carsalesbase.com was recently acquired by the team at A07 Online Media. I am excited to continue to be part of the team and help the new owners grow the website and data analysis we cover.

Who am I?

Bart DemandtLet me introduce myself: My name is Bart, I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and I have been following and studying the automotive industry in Europe and the US almost all my life. I have even taken an automotive related study, first at home in The Netherlands at IVA Business school, later at Northwood University in Midland, MI in the United States. I’ve worked in automotive retail for a number of years throughout and after my studies, and once cars are in your blood, they simply won’t get out.

Why did I create this blog?

Since I love cars and the automotive industry, and I enjoy writing and reading about cars more than anything, I decided to create CarSalesBase.com as a blog for people just like me, who are also passionate about cars and the automotive industry. It gives me the opportunity to write about the things I love and that I’m interested in. If you enjoy my articles, and want to participate and write your own auto-related stuff, feel free to join in!

What if you need more or other car sales data than published on this site?

I work with a number of major automotive data suppliers and can supply any automotive data that you or your business is looking for. This can be sales data by brand and model for virtually every country in the world, both passenger cars and LCVs, or more detailed data like sales by body style, fuel type, engine or gearbox type, color, or even as detailed as sales of cars with specific options. Fill out the contact us form with your exact requirements and I’ll reply with a price quote.

How can you contribute to this site?

You can contribute in a number of ways:

  • Let me know what you want us to write about, if you want to know what we think of a certain subject, or if you just want to get some in-depth information.
  • Comment on our articles: do you agree with us? Or do you disagree? What’s your point-of-view of a subject?
  • Write something yourself if you want the world to know what you think of a certain issue. Or maybe you already have your own blog and want to promote it as a guest writer for CarSalesBase.com?
  • If you have an (automotive related) website or blog yourself, you may want to reference our articles in one of your own, or you could publish one of our articles on your site. Or you could even ask us to write a guest blog on your site.
  • If you own a company that wants to be known by an audience that is interested in cars, you could advertise on my blog.
  • If you have a reliable source of data of markets, brands or models that we don’t yet feature, let me know so we can grow our database.

Don’t be shy, we all share the same passion and we all love to read and write about it.

Contact me on using this contact form.

    1. I have the same question, especially for the Chinese sales data, comparably data for sales from OEM to wholeseller published by the Chinese government differs strongly.

      1. Saw a similar question was answered below. is there an explanation why, if your data comes as well from the China Association of Automobile manufacturers, which is the same source, I am currently using, it differs so strongly from the reported OEM to dealer sales, reported by them?

  1. Hi!

    Thanks for this comprehensive car database. I was wondering if you could tell me about where you have gotten this data from?


    1. Hi Katie,

      thanks for your interest in our data.
      The European data comes mostly from a market leading commercial data provider for the automotive industry, some data comes directly from the manufacturers.
      The US data comes directly from the manufacturers.
      The Chinese data comes mostly from the China Association of Automobile manufacturers, some data comes directly from the manufacturers.
      All are reliable sources. If you need other data, or more detailed data, please drop us a note and we’ll let you know what we can do for you.

      1. Hi Bart,

        the currently most comprehensive car sales base for China base is in my opinon Daas Auto, if you heard about it (10,000$ subscription fee). Your data is however, larger in number than the data the China Association of Automobile manufacturers publishes, which is available fffree of charge for Chinese university students. i am only talking about the EV segment. Therefore your data is currently the best free available database for statistical analysis of the Chinese EV market.

        However, i keep wondering how your data can have such large differences to the China Association of Automobile provided data. i would be glade for further elaboration from your side.

        Best regards,

  2. to Bart Demandt,

    I have the following : 1. Model year production for all U.S. and Canadian makes, overall, and by make and
    model from approx. 1945 to 2017; 2. Same for European makes which have reasonable data; 3. U.S. import sales by make from 1948 to date. 4. Production in the Netherlands from about 1952. None of this is on line,
    but it is in Excell tables and I add to it every day. I do not know whether we can do anything for one another.
    I am not a business, but I would be interested if you have any comments.

  3. Hello,

    I am a data science major and I am in the middle of a project about 2 seater car sales in the US. I was wondering where you get your data from?

    Dylan the Data Science Major

  4. This site is just what I was looking for but I can’t get anything to show up when I select the brand there are no choices of model. I also tried the compare function and that doesn’t show anything either. I’ve tried with 2 different browsers and they both act the same (I used firefox, chrome & Chromium – all the most recent versions as of writing this..)

    If the site isn’t working, could I maybe ask you for some data on 2 brands? I think it might be fairly straight forward to extract it, though IDK how your databases are set up.

    Either way, if you could contact me it would be greatly appreciated!!

  5. Great,informative article.
    Appreciate the auto stats and analysis of the Chinese EV development.
    Is XPeng sales in UK yet?
    I agree with Mike above.

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  8. Proporcionando datos y análisis sobre la industria automotriz global, este blog cubre temas como tendencias de ventas, participación de mercado y estadísticas de producción. La información es útil para cualquier persona interesada en mantenerse actualizado sobre los últimos desarrollos automotrices.

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